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EXPOSED: Cinco de Moustache [UPDATED]

May 09, 2005 20:02:32 EDT, from sidekick II

Tonight on DTOWN dot NET: We expose the sinning and debauchery that took place at this year's "Cinco de Moustache" festival, which as we understand it, is a pseudo-homosexual gathering of mostly males with gross moustaches. The title of the festival is an ode to ska-punk band Less Than Jake's "Hello Rockview" album, which features a short audio segment of angry young men rebelling against their razors.

We take you inside the festival and show you what the others won't: drunken attempts at ninja-ing the shit out of a giant wet piece of plywood, before and after shots of a troubled young political science major who transformed his beautiful coif into a mohawk that would make Lars Frederiksen feel impotent, and how a misunderstanding between two friends resulted in a broken window, a sliced hand, a broken rib, and a bedroom scene that would make Motley Crue proud.

Coming up, tonight on DTOWN dot NET.



The pictures tell the story. They took so long to upload that I don't have time for a write-up. I will do one tomorrow.

Also, it's worth noting that I enjoy the SKII's distorted view of reality. Believe me, no one wants to really see full-quality, high-res photos of a bunch of sloppy drunks. You are all welcome in advance for the low-res snaps.

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