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Hilarity, thinly-veiled racism ensue at local aerospace plant

June 06, 2005 12:17:23 EDT, from sidekick II

This is the only thing since CdM worth sharing, although the "had to be there" factor probably applies:

"[avj], you could pass for a lightly-complected negro if you just got a little more sun."

This was said by a fairly quiet, somewhat quirky, always kind and gentle 60-something co-worker after I accidentally put myself in the proximity of an already-in-progress discussion about the Detroit Pistons basketball game tonight. An absolute gem.

It was also preceded by this comment made a few seconds earlier:

"I think that the Prince fellow [presumably Tayshaun. -ed] kind of looks like Curious George, always looking so innocent and quiet, while probably getting into trouble."

I love my job.

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