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February 09, 2006 15:14:48 EDT, from sidekick II

I wanted this to be the title: Another Vagina Joke? There's Everything That Says "Please Suck Judicious Cocks," But Mom Doesn't Smile.

Just pretend it is, and please over-analyze it.

What do you do when no one's up for pong at lunch time? You grab your Sidekick II, see who's on AIM, and get real stupid:

mds (matt):
magnificent drooping sack
marijuana doesn't suck
mister denton's sextoy
masturbates dogs superbly
misunderstood dolphin spelunker
male douche salesman
moutain dew shitter
meridith's dildo strapper-onner
makes doodies sprayingly
might die soon

jcb (john):
jacks cocks brazenly
juicy cunts blow
jingles cocks, balls
jamming critters' behinds
jockstraps can bewilder
just can't breed
jerking constantly benefits
job control bites
jizzy cum bubble
jungle coons belittle

sps (shane):
slanders politicians studiously
smart peoples' sychophant
scantily-presented snake
shouldn't prevent sodomy
sending parents screaming
seriously, pussy sucks
spending pesos sexually
silently perpetuating "swallowing"
speedily pursuing scat
secretly prefers sperm

tet (tom):
tastes everyone's testicles
tentacles enter trepidatiously
turning emo thursday
trees erase thoughts
tries everything twice
testicularly-entitled transsexual
taint equals terrific
traps enterprising tail
torn eustachian tubes
tomorrow entails teabagging

I've missed you, DTOWN.

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